Philanthropy at the AALS Conference

For those interested, on Saturday (January 9), at the annual Association of American Law Schools conference in New York, from 8:30 AM to 10:15 AM, there will be a panel on “The Philanthropic Sector and Radical Reform.”

Here is a brief description:

“Reforming the philanthropic sector is always in the news. Most legal proposals, however, are incremental in nature and attempt to fix one discrete problem at a time (for example, proposals to cap the value of the charitable deduction or limit deductions for conservation easements and car donations). This panel will discuss what radically reforming the philanthropic sector might look like, both legally and in practice. What is the role of the sector and what does it mean for it to be more effective? Should the standards for tax exemption be stricter? Should foundations, donor advised funds, or endowments be subject to increased payout requirements and limited life spans? How should donors and foundation managers allocate resources and prioritize projects? How do the limits on international giving affect the sector’s impact? Would any other large-scale structural changes enhance the sector?“

Jill Manny of NYU’s National Center on Philanthropy and the Law is moderating.  Panelists include John Colombo (Illinois); Ray Madoff (Boston College); Sarah Waldeck (Seton Hall); Khrista Johnson (Pepperdine); and Rob Reich (Stanford, Poly Sci).

If you attend the panel, and would like to write something up on it for HistPhil, please do let us know, either through Twitter (@HistPhil) or email (

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