Foundations and Their Interests
Forum on Interest Groups & Advocacy Symposium on Foundations

Foundations and Their Interests

Editors’ Note: Kristin A. Goss and Jeffrey M. Berry have co-edited a symposium on the topic of foundations as interest groups for the October issue of Interest Groups & Advocacy. Here, Goss and Berry preview their contributions to the symposium and introduce two other articles from this October issue which HistPhil will be spotlighting in the next days.  With the … Continue reading

Political Scientists and Philanthropy

Are Foundations Part of the Resistance? Challenges to Elite Donors in a Neo-Populist Age

Editors’ Note: This post by Kristin A. Goss and Jeffrey M. Berry contributes to the live forum on political science and philanthropy, guest-edited by Sarah Reckhow and Delphia Shanks-Booth. Continuing the forum’s leading discussion of elite philanthropy and populism in the United States, the authors preview their ongoing research of foundations’ responses to new White House initiatives.    The neo-populist wave that … Continue reading